Oliva Cigar Night - The Grand Resort, Warren OH

So, I attended a Cigar function at the Grand Resort in Warren, OH last night that was put on by the Oliva Cigar Company. The Oliva Cigar Rep was a gentleman named, Josh Malczak, who I had the pleasure of meeting a week prior.

He worked side by side with Jovan and dylan and the Grand Resort staff to make this night possible. So, with out further ado, Here is my professional assessment of the event.

Once you enter the Grand Resort, you head back to the lounge area and right outside, we lined up to gain entry. This event was a paid entry. The event cost was $60 plus gratuity which came out to a little over $72. Although, not the most expensive cigar event I have ever gone to, it certainly wasn't cheap. However, upon entry, all attendees received a Oliva Cigar sampler which included the Melanio V in the robusto size, the Oliva V in the churchill, the NUB Connecticut, the Master Blend in the robusto and a guillotine cutter with Oliva's name in gold. Now, I have a plethora of lighters and cutters but I love to keep receiving them as I now collect them more and more. These items are nice for the future because it reminds me of a wonderful time that I was able to share with others.

Right next to the Oliva Cigars was a local brewery from upper Ohio, The Superior Beverage Group and all though I do not drink any more, I did have a lengthy conversation with their reps about the beer and pairings with cigars. They had the Market Garden Brewery Pin High Pilsner, Shandy Lemon, Frosty Tangerine Lime Wit, Prosperity Wheat and the Hyper Haze IPA and even though I don't drink anymore, the lemon had me salivating. Now, believe it or not, it took me 45 minutes just to get in and get the chit chatting over with, (it was a wonderful 45 minutes). Once I got to my table, I lit up. I brought a well aged Oliva Melanio V. I knew they were giving us a sampler but to enjoy the night even more, I chose my own from my aging humidor. 

During the 2 hours it took me to smoke my cigar, I met the most incredible people. When I stopped and looked around the room, everyone was smoking and laughing. These are the kinds of things I look for when attending a event. I've noticed, the night is always a success when your attendees are smiling, laughing and just plain old having a great time. The cigars and beer are only a small portion of the night. The moral of the hosts is what can sway the night and in that regard, Josh, Jovan, dylan, the brewery reps and all staff of the Grand Resort absolutely killed it. When I looked around the room at all the smiling faces, It was in my professional opinion that this event was a complete success. What I enjoyed the most is Josh from Oliva and the reps from the brewery both took a few minutes at the end of the night to say their thank you's. They also discussed the products and gave some company insight. The only bad thing I could say is, next time, less sports on the TV and more Jazz music to tie it all together. (Just a personal opinion)

A job well done and I would gladly spend money to attend the next event. 

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