AVO Syncro Ritmo 30 year Cigar Review

NAME: AVO RITMO 30 years 

DATE: 4-19-2021 

RATE: 90 

PRICE: $9.75 

STRENGTH: 1  2  3  (4)  5 

REVIEWER: Aaron M. Paoletta – www.lavegalounge.com 


I have had a few sticks by AVO and the one thing that you can bet the farm on is, it’s going to be a good smoke. So far, out of all of them that I have tried, The AVO Syncro Nicaragua is perhaps my favorite. I am always searching for those good, everyday smokes and that stick goes a little farther than the “everyday smoke”. All of that being said, I will get to the Cigar of the day. Brothers and Sisters of the leaf, I give you, the AVO SYNCRO RITMO 30 year. 

Out of all of the cigars on the SYNCRO line, this cigar is just a little bit different. It has Tobaccos from 7 different countries which includes, Nicaraguan, Peruvian, Brazilian, Honduran and Dominican. The binder is Mexican and the wrapper is Ecuadorian. It is quite the cocktail of tobaccos. 

The banding on this stick is like the others in the SYNCRO line, only there are 2 on this one. No doubt to add the 30-year mark for this particular stick. Basic paper and some of the hardest glue on earth. They put so much glue on their bands, you have to damn near break the cigar to get it off. 

The aroma is just fantastic. Notes of Oak and mild Cocoa. The dry draw yields the same notes as the aroma and it is impeccably clear. I hate clogged cigars. It just ruins the whole experience. As I light this cigar, beautiful notes of charred oak hit me right off the bat. Soon after, a mild milk chocolate comes into play. As I hit the 2nd third, there is an abundance of roasted almonds that comes in to the picture. Followed by a sweetness that is just a wonderful addition. These notes stand strong all the way through the final third with the exception of a slight cedar note that appears halfway into the final third. 

All in all, this is a pretty good smoke. I’m not in love with it but I would defiantly smoke again when the time is right. As it stands, The SYNCRO Nicaraguan is still my favorite in the line.

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