Arturo Fuente "Eye of the Shark"

NAME: Arturo Fuente “Eye of the Shark” 

DATE: 4-29-2021 

RATE: 93 

PRICE: $23.00 

STRENGTH: 1  2  (3)  4  5 

REVIEWER: Aaron M. Paoletta – 


I have spent the last several years trying to track down all of the cigars that Cigar Aficionado Magazine named as their number 1. My goal is to try them all and see if I agree with their rating. Some of these sticks are extremely hard to track down and today’s stick is one of them. Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf, I present the Eye of the Shark by Arturo Fuente. 

Arturo Fuente, one of my go to cigars. Why? Its mostly due to their impeccable standards and the fact that they continuously produce fantastic quality cigars time after time. Now, this cigar is very hard to track down but, my cigar buddy, Mr. K, has a stock pile of them. Thankfully, he was willing to part ways with one. This cigar went number one in 2017 and I will say this, It is an odd cigar to have named number one. 

In typical Arturo Fuente style, the tobacco’s used in this cigar are a closely guarded secret but I can say its Dominican fillers and a Cameroon wrapper. The odd part about this cigar is not only is it box pressed, it is a square box pressed and also a torpedo. Its just an odd but interesting shape. On the box, “The man’s 80th” is printed in honor of Don Carlos. 

This cigar is a single profile flavor straight through the entire stick. It produced notes of sweet leather, a medium dark earth, a hint of nutmeg, a light splash of figs and an undertone of cedar. All in all, it was a tasty and enjoyable cigar. Not something I would have named number one but good none the less.

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