Padron 1926 Maduro No. 9

NAME: Padron 1926 Maduro No. 9 

DATE: 4-22-2021 

RATE: 93 

PRICE: $21.00 

STRENGTH: 1  2  3  4  (5) 

REVIEWER: Aaron M. Paoletta – 


Well, it’s a cold ass Thursday night here in Western Pennsylvania and the Pittsburgh Penguins are gearing up to play the New Jersey Devils down in the Burgh. My hommie, Mr K has invited me down to see the game and this year, the Penguins have a definite chance at the cup. Obviously, I agreed to go to the game and what better way to enjoy the hour and a half drive down there, than to enjoy a Pre-Game Stogie. Well Mr. K was way ahead of me on this one. I had brought the #1 Cigar of the year, Alec Bradley Prensado but Mr. K thought ahead and brought a Padron. So, we decided to have the padron on the way down and the Prensado on the way back. Now, Brothers and Sisters of the Leaf, I present the Padron 1926 Maduro No. 9. 

Of all the Padron cigars that I have had the pleasure of having, the 50th Anniversary was the stick that truly stood out to me. However, the basic run 1926 and 1964’s are great sticks but, the 50th was something special. What I didn’t realize is I was about to be corrected. On December 3rd, 2020 I had the pleasure of smoking the Padron 50th serial num. 267528 and what a gem it was. I sighted such comments as, “The natural tobacco’s sweetness and cedar are at the for front”, “In the final third, the earthy notes dominated”, but what I didn’t realize is that both the 1926 and 1964 series have line extensions that will just blow your socks off. This stick is one of them. 

This is one beautiful looking cigar. Lets start with the wrapper, it is a deep, dark, oily and sweet smelling Nicaraguan maduro that encases a fine selection of Nicaraguan tobacco’s and binder. Remember, just like Arturo Fuente Co. there is absolutely no mention of what tobacco’s are in these cigars. Just that they are Nicaraguan. 

This stick was originally made in 2001 to celebrate Jose Padron’s 75th birthday and what a way to celebrate. The aroma is of stale straw, old cedar wood and dark earth tones. The dry draw was impeccably clear producing the same notes as of the aroma. Here is the odd part, In the 1st third, there are notes of fresh cedar chips. Why is this odd? Because the dry draw had notes of old cedar. There were also notes of star anise and a touch of baker’s spice. In the 2nd third, there is a dark oak note that joins in the mix. Amazingly, the cedar is still present as well as the star anise but as I roll into the final third, there is a overall bold sensation that permeates. You can just tell as you draw. There is an addition of a dark espresso and a slight sweet cream that enters half way through the final third. 

Overall, this is a fantastic stick and, in my opinion, tied with the pleasure I received from the 50th. What I have come to realize is, when you have a brand that produces great cigars, it doesn’t matter which line it is. You will find joy in all lines because they are expertly made.

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